Enjoy breathtaking sights…

Enjoy the breathtaking sights of Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula from the sky. Partnered with Heli Cam based at Ardmore, Zen Garden is pleased to offer an unsurpassed range of helicopter packages for business executives and leisure travellers.

Heli-Dining Experience

Want to impress a client or add a surprise element to your romantic dinner? Take a scenic coast and island helicopter tour before landing at the Zen Garden for a gourmet three-course lunch or dinner. You can dine either in our main lodge or the Japanese garden with wide spectacular views of Auckland City, Rangitoto Island and Tamaki Strait. A special Heli-Marriage-Proposal service is also available with this package. After working out the details with you, our pilot can drop you both on a remote island or create a hero-saves-the-beauty scene to help with your goal.

Airport Transfer
10 minutes

Our swift Heli Airport Transfer Service is especially designed for busy executives. Following your call, our helicopter can be at your doorstep within 12 minutes, then have you at Auckland International Airport within 10 minutes. You’ll never have to worry about heavy traffic or missing your flight again.

Auckland City Air Tour
20 minutes

Take a tour of the Auckland city centre and Harbour Bridge from the sky! Our helicopter will fly you from Zen Gardens through the Whitford countryside and across the suburb of Howick, past the golf course at Musick Point and over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. After circling the Sky Tower, Auckland’s famous landmark, your flight will continue across the city centre to One Tree Hill, an extinct volcano, then back to Zen Garden via Mount Wellington and Botany.

The Grand Auckland Air Tour
30 minutes

Admiring Rangitoto Island – Auckland’s most recent volcano - from a distance is not enough. Hop into our helicopter and we will zoom you over for a closer look. This island erupted only 600 years ago, so the landscape is truly amazing. On the way to Rangitoto you will fly past Waiheke and Motuihe Islands. On the return journey you’ll see the Auckland Harbour Bridge, the city centre and One Tree Hill.

Island and Harbour Air Tour
40 minutes

Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf is full of beautiful islands, large and small. The Island and Harbour Air Tour will fly you over the gulf and you’ll soon see why Auckland Harbour and Tamaki Strait are so popular for sailing and fishing. Try to find some great fishing spots from the sky while you are in the helicopter!

Paua (Abalone) Farm Tour
55 minutes

Paua is the traditional name for black abalone found only in New Zealand, where they rely on 100% pure, pollution-free water to grow. This tour will take you to a remote paua farm located at the far end of the Coromandel Peninsula. Learn how fishermen farm abalones, help the owner feed the abalones or play a tug of war with an abalone and see who is stronger! You can buy some paua from the shop, bring them back to Zen Garden and cook them yourself on our barbeque. Alternatively, pass them to our chef who will cook your paua perfectly in any style you like.

Coromandel Air Tour
1 hour 05 minutes

Tourists come to New Zealand for a holiday, and locals go to Coromandel for a holiday. Coromandel Peninsula is where you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Our helicopter will take you across the Hauraki Gulf, manoeuvre among lofty volcanic mountains in the Coromandel Forest Park and cruise along the eastern side of the peninsula on the Pacific Ocean border. Flying along massive rock cliffs exposed between long white sandy beaches is an unforgettable experience.

The Grand Coromandel Air Tour
1 hour 15 minutes

This tour gives you the best of the Coromandel Peninsula. Fly over the Table Top Mountain, explore all the beautiful sandy beaches along the Pacific Coast, make a stop and experience the paua farm, then fly back to the Zen Garden over the Hauraki Gulf and Waiheke Island.

The Ultimate Air Tour
2 hours

Our ultimate heli-tour shows you the best of Auckland and Coromandel. You’ll discover islands, harbour, city, suburbs, countryside, volcanic mountains, forest park, ocean, coastal cliffs, sandy surf beaches, a paua farm and much more. Highly recommended - you will not be disappointed!

Heli-Fishing Trip
Skill Dependent

If you’re a keen fishermen, join the elite few and fish off the rocks at Great Barrier Island. Enjoy the never-ending views from the helicopter as we take you across the ocean to a remote and exclusive fishing location. The package includes fishing equipment, bait and a light lunch. To enjoy your catch, you can use the barbeque facility at Zen Garden or ask our chef to prepare the fish for you.