Everything about Zen Garden is designed to bring balance into your world. The pleasing symmetry of the gardens and buildings, the vast gulf views, the exquisite food and the divine spa facilities and treatments. In no time at all, you’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated.

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Healing massage

Healing massageClimb the steps to the tree house and you’ll be greeted by the scent of green tea and delicate aromatherapy oils. Around you the breeze ripples through lofty trees, inviting you to breathe deeply and let stress float away. The relaxation has begun even before the massage therapist invites you to lie down.

Massages can also be conducted in the garden or your room.

1 hour

This rejuvenating half-body massage focuses on your back, shoulders and arms, areas that accumulate muscle tension when you’re stressed or overworked. As the massage therapist eases the knots out of your muscles, you’ll begin to feel revived and restored.

Bowen Therapy
1 hour

Bowen Therapy is a traditional Chinese healing method that is incredibly relaxing and soothing. While fully clothed pressure is applied across the muscle to open up the muscles fibres to allow for any area with tension or pain to become hydrated. Increase circulation results in better health.

1 hour 30 minutes

There’s nothing like a full body massage to restore balance to your mind and body. As the massage therapist’s magical touch eases away stress and strain, your thoughts will slow and your mood will mellow . This treatment is especially good if you’re recovering from long-haul travel.

Energetic Healing - Soul Fusion
1 hour or 1.5 hours

Energetic Healing - Soul Fusion is a communication with right relationship of will, love and intuition from the soul to the personality. Emotional or mental tension and disease is inhibited soul life so teaching an individual expand their mind allows the life force to flow through that particular state giving potential for externalisation of life to change. Hands are placed delicately on the body or within the energy field and the mind works corporately with the soul as the treatment takes place. A truly amazing type of treatment to experience.

Complete Renewal
2 hours

Whether you have an old injury that’s causing distress or a vigorous day of sport has left your muscles sore, this extended massage session is just what the doctor ordered. Problem areas can receive special focus – just tell the massage therapist what you need.

8 hours

Learning to meditate is a great tool for gradual infusion of the soul into the personality so the outward expression becomes a synergy of soul and personality. To teach our mind about the gateway to the soul while rendering our personality to blend with something more than its self is pure harmony.