Climate & Temperature

New Zealand lies between 37 and 47 degrees south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Both the North and South Islands of New Zealand enjoy moderate, maritime climate, weather and temperatures. However, the weather can be suddenly changeable with tropical cyclones and cold fronts quickly blow in. Please consult our staff about the weather before you decide on any outdoor activities for the day. The warmest and driest months are in Summer, and the coldest and wettest in Winter.

Average Auckland Temperatures
Spring (September, October & November) 9°C – 19°C (48°F – 66°F)
Summer (December, January & February) 14°C – 23°C (57°F – 73°F)
Autumn (March, April & May) 11°C – 22°C (5°2F – 72°F)
Winter (June, July & August) 8°C – 14°C (46.5°F – 57°F)

Because New Zealand lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the average temperature decreases as you travel south. Bay of Islands is the warmest, followed by Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown.


Morning and night can be quite cold here, please make sure you bring some warm clothes with you. A pair of comfy walking shoes is always helpful. Bring a swimsuit, shorts and sandals if you love beaches. Professional golfers should never forget their golf shoes. Take a pair of sunglasses with you, it not only makes you look cool, it also protects your eyes from New Zealand’s clear bright light.

Guest Amenities

Soap, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, shower cap, dental kit, vanity kit, shaving kit and towels are provided in accommodation. All our body products are specially made in New Zealand with natural, organic, biodegradable, GE free ingredients and are not tested on animals.


230/240V, 50z. The standard New Zealand power plug has two flat pins that form a reversed V-shape, as well as an earthing pin. Please ask our staff if you require a power plug adaptor for your appliance.


Please remember to register your mobile number to Global Roaming with your network provider before leaving your country. The two major mobile network providers in New Zealand are Vodafone and Telecom. You can also rent a mobile phone from these companies at the Auckland International Airport. New Zealand’s Country Code is 64 and Auckland’s Area Code is 9. The emergency number in New Zealand is 111.


Wireless internet is available in most area at Zen Garden.

Money / Banking

New Zealand currency is the New Zealand Dollar. Foreign currency and traveller cheque can be converted at most banks and Bureau de Change throughout the country. All major credit cards are accepted at most places in New Zealand.

Currency Exchange

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Time Difference


We encourage all of our guests to take out comprehensive travel insurance to protect themselves against any unexpected changes and incidents.