Cuisine at Zen Garden

At Zen Garden, our dining experience is an extension of the resort’s harmony with the natural world. The fresh flavours of New Zealand’s finest ingredients are subtly brought to the fore in a range of delicious local dishes. We also offer the option to request a purely Asian or organic menu. Or you may prefer an informal barbecue, with the freedom to cook for yourself or have our chef cook for you.

There’s more to dining than eating

Dining has always been an opportunity to relax together, laugh, share thoughts and aspirations, celebrate what nature has to offer and delight the senses with harmonious flavours. At Zen Garden our focus is on allowing you to enjoy the occasion in a way that suits you most. There is no rush and no dress code, the pace of the meal and the level of formality are up to you.

Exquisite outdoor and indoor locations

You can choose from a wide range of dining locations. Beneath a cluster of tall majestic kauri trees, in a gazebo beside a tranquil pond, in the ancient native forest, in a secluded private dining room or overlooking the magnificent view from the main lodge. We lay the tablecloth wherever you want.

Dining for every occasion

We welcome private and business diners to Zen Garden. We can help you make the most of a romantic dinner, an anniversary or any special celebration. Our unique property will set the scene for a truly enjoyable business breakfast or lunch, corporate event, or end-of-year Christmas party.  Bookings are essential at all times.